hair velcro

Let your beautiful hair velcro

Hair velcro, under the use of hair stylists, will create a beautiful and wavy hair style, so that girls are excited! eyabao factory woven it in a special process, the appearance is delicate, the hook is thin and non-sticky, easy to take off from the hair, the bottom of the belt is breathable, is a beautiful and practical hair accessories.

Functional characteristics

Hair velcro is often used for curling. Can be directly attached to the hair, fixed hair, not let the hair fall, used for beauty salons, curls, can also be used to make the front hair stick when women make up or wash their face, do not let the hair fall, use it Convenient, simple and time-saving, it can be reused.

Specification material

The material of the hair velcro is 100% nylon, and the color fastness (dyeing fastness and dye fastness) is above 5 grade. The width is 60MM and 100MM. It can also be customized according to the needs of users.

Application range

Hair accessories, curling tools, etc. It is used for women to wash their face or make up their hair, to prevent the forehead from getting wet and dirty. It can also be used for hairpins, curling hair, etc.

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