LOOP fabric

The widest velcro matte

The fleece cloth is made of high-quality raw materials, with comfortable hair feel, excellent pulling force, green environmental protection products, no harmful substances, and widely used in clothing materials. The maximum width is 1.5 meters

Custom made

At present, only black and white are available. It is mainly used for injected hook. Other color styles can be customized according to customer requirements, such as sewing, adhesive, punching and cutting.


Single-faced fluffing, good air permeability, flat cloth surface, multi-functional fabric, neat and beautiful cloth surface, anti-adhesive buckle, not easy to fluff.

Application range

Widely used in clothing, shoes, medical equipment, waist protection, sports protective gear, medical protective gear, horse and leather goods, etc., is the preferred accessory for current protective gear products.

Baby Product

Shoe industry



Luggage industry

Sporting goods

medical equipment

Strap supplies

Police equipment


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