Starting with High Quality Raw Materials

The idea of producing quality velcro products is far-fetched if raw meterials’  quality is not strictly controled at the very beginning. Only high quality raw materials can be made velcro products well-content in view of aesthetics, structure and function.

All Velcro products including hook and loop are produced from raw materials of nylon, polyester ,etc. by process of weaving, hook-cutting,loop-brushing, dyeing etc.

Therefore, all these raw materials must be inspected thoroughly and going through various tests to meet the acceptance standards.

At this stage, the inspection personnel will thoroughly check the linear density, tensil strength, melting point and appearance of nylon yarn and polyester yarn with various testing instruments, Only the yarn meet all the testing requirements can pass the acceptance test.

Warping & Weaving

This is a vital process that ensures the quality of Velcro meet the process standards, our experienced technicians arrange the warp yarns evenly, tightly and parallelly on the warping reels, and the weaving through the high-speed shuttleless looms ensure all the Velcro semi-finished raw tapes achieve excellent performance.


In order to ensure the beauty and durability of the Velcro products, eyabao provides a complete set of color options to meet the different customization needs of customers. All dyeing products reach the environmental standards such as OEKO-TEX/SGS/RoHS requirements.

Napping & hook cutting

Napping and hook cutting are automatically completed by the most advanced machines in our country. We wish to provide our customers with the best and fautless Velcro products with the hook not lying down and the loop more dense and heavy. This process is completed by our patented know-how exclusively for precise weaving on each loom.

Slitting & Take-up

We believe that “good enough” is only the stepping stone to excellence. Before packaging, the raw tape wiil be going through slitting and take-up.The entire production process strictly abides by the ISO9001 quality management system.


After-sales service is an integral part of the product’s lifecycle. We always assure the finished products handled with care, delivery on time.

eyabao’s team provides a full range of after-sales services as reliability is the key to everything we do.

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