Quality Control

Adhesive quality inspection

Artificial stitching

Belt machine proofreading

Raw material inspection

Ultrasonic stitching

Warping machine proofreading

Finished product inspection

Printing and dyeing proofreading

Quantitative sampling

QC being fufilled from raw materials to finished products makes quality control exciting, and meaningful. The eyabao, a velcro manufacturer based in China, implements the ISO9001 quality management system, focusing on overall product quality control, covering warping, spinning, dyeing, hook cutting, napping, slitting, and rolling, ensuring Velcro products quality.  Not only raw materials and basic equipment, but also the QC of the actual process can meet your requirements.

From materials sourcing to finished products inspection, quality control is carefully monitored. At eyabao workshop, on-site inspection is an completely performed at each stage of  manufacturing. A well-equipped workshop in China can provide well-content products with special customization service according to international standards or requirements, also their satisficaton  be extended. There are 3 stages in the eyabao quality control system:

  1. Raw Material Inspection: All Raw materials specifications inspected with precise parameters and approved criteria are golden rule for making Velcro products.
  2. Process Quality Control: The strict control procedures on each production stage assure the quality of the whole manufacturing process to a extent of a high level.
  3. Finished Velcro Quality Inspection: Strict Ex-factory inspection ensure all the finished products

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