Soft hook

Zero damage soft hook

The soft and fine hook texture is delicate and soft. It is a kind of hook that is very good to touch by hand. It is commonly used in close-fitting clothes and various baby products without causing any skin damage.

Feature advantages

The soft hook is refined and softened. Compared with the ordinary hook surface, it is very soft and smooth, but it does not hurt the hand, but the adhesion is weak. It is often used in baby and children’s products.

Heat resistance: Start to soften at 180 ° C and start to melt at 215 ° C – 220 ° C.

Cold resistance: It can be used at a low temperature of minus 20 ° C, and the lower the temperature, the stronger the tensile force, but the durability is reduced.

Drug resistance: 50% salt soda water, 28% ammonia, 2.5% hydrochloric acid, and 3.5% nitric acid can work normally.

Custom service

Single size or style fits all solution seems impossible in velcro production, but eyabao’s two production bases can provide you with customized processing services such as back-to-back, slitting, punching, cutting , dyeing meet your industry needs.

Application range

Suitable for use on medical equipment and baby products, it can be bonded to any loops.

Baby Product

Shoe industry



Luggage industry

Sporting goods

medical equipment

Strap supplies

Police equipment


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