unbrushed loop

Awesome touchless velcro

Loop is in a circle shape, skipping the fluffing process, the loop piles are neatly arranged, the appearance is very beautiful, the material is soft, smooth, does not hurt the hand, has the advantages of good touch, not easy to absorb water, long service life, etc.; eyabao’s unbrushed loop Velcro Sticking to the industry’s environmental testing standards, does not contain azo and 23 other harmful substances. This product works best with soft hooks.

Specification material

The material of unbrushed loop Velcro is 100% nylon, and the color fastness (dyeing fastness and dye fastness) is more than 5 grades. The width is 16MM-180MM, and different width products can be customized according to the needs of users.

Custom service

Single size or style fits all solution seems impossible in velcro production, but eyabao’s two production bases can be processed according to customer requirements, cut into various shapes, such as round, oval, heart, rectangle, triangle, flower shape, letter shape, etc.

Scope of application

It is especially suitable for high frequency opening and closing products, such as sphygmomanometers, belts, hand straps, camera bags, electronic product packaging, health care products, and high-end clothing.

Baby Product

Shoe industry



Luggage industry

Sporting goods

medical equipment

Strap supplies

Police equipment


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