9 Velcro Hacks That Makes Our Lives Easier

9 Velcro Hacks That Makes Our Lives Easier

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One of the least expected things which you would consider giving time is Velcro. Though it may seem to be a piece of fabric, it has so many benefits in day to day routine. Either workplace or home, you can simply get a suitable length of velcro material and make the most of it with your purpose. Here we bring you a list of 9 velcro hacks that can benefit you in making your life easier.

Hang Your Artwork: have you just got a new piece of artwork or your coworkers have gifted you a memorable group picture which you want to hang in your cabin? All you need to do is cut a small piece of velcro and attach it to the back of frames for easy hanging without any use of nails.

Velcro On Clothes: the next reason for which you may need to use velcro in routine is to use velcro on the space between the buttons. Doing this can help you avoid sudden unbuttoning of the shirt and would keep both sides in place.

Prevent Movement Of Rugs: one of the most common problems which we see in our day to day routine is the movement of rugs. It needs you continuously giving efforts in placing the rug back to place making it a hectic task to work. But you can avoid all such hassle by placing velcro on your rugs and floor in order to keep it stick to the ground.

Cushions On Chair: another common situation which we have to deal at the office or home is the cushion on the chair that ends up falling on the floor. However, you can easily avoid the trouble by placing velcro on the cushion and chair to keep the cushion in place.

Skip Finding Remote: the next reason for the trouble which can be solved using velcro is using the velcro material to stick the TV or music system remotes. This will enable you to avoid searching around the remotes in the gaps of sofas.

Pills Removal From Clothing: winters are all about wearing bright and colorful clothes but one thing which could resist you from wearing your favorite sweater is the pills you find on the top of it. But no worries, all you need to do is wrap around the velcro on your hand and get rid off pills on your sweater adding a new look to it.

Restrain Wires: having wires in your living area and every time you miss on them leading to frequent falls. You can easily keep all the wires in a single place using a long strip of velcro that can cover around the wires.

Declutter Stationary: if you have kids at home or you have to work on long hours working on your business process in study, you can use velcro to stick the pen holders or stickers on the front wall helping you with easier access to essential stationery and keeping track of all the important tasks you write on stickies.

Peaceful Picnic: last but not least, when you plan to go for a picnic with your family, the only thing which could be most irritating to handle is a tablecloth. However, using a velcro strip on table and tablecloth could help you hold the tablecloth preventing it from moving because of wind.

So, the next time you find yourself struggling with any artwork which needs to be hung on the wall or you find someone who considers velcro to be useless material, now you have some amazing reasons to share and get velcro in Mexico.

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