Eyabao participated in the online Canton Fair

Eyabao participated in the online Canton Fair

The Canton Fair is an important platform for China’s opening up and international trade cooperation. Since its establishment in 1957, the Canton Fair has never stopped. From June 15 to 24 this year, the 127th China Import and Export Fair (“Canton Fair”) will be held online for the first time. Under the impact of the global epidemic, the “Cloud” Duan Canton Fair has given global buyers the opportunity to participate in the docking. Exhibitors have transformed online, hoping to seize new opportunities and collide with more new business opportunities.

Since our company was established in 1992, we have focused on producing Velcro(hook and loop)of various materials and specifications. At present, we are the largest Velcro(hook&loop) manufacturer in Southeast Asia, with annual sales of 500 million yuan. The Canton Fair is the main customer acquisition channel of our company. Participate every year. The new form of online exhibition this year is both an opportunity and a challenge for our company. In order to make the customer’s online experience better, Eyabao makes preparations for online product display, building VR exhibition halls, and live broadcasting. The Canton Fair moved to the “cloud” end, breaking the original time and space boundaries, and also allowing many exhibitors to see new opportunities. As the largest Velcro manufacturer in China, Eyabao also attaches great importance to this special opportunity and directly opens the live broadcast room. To the factory floor. “We will take everyone into the production workshop through the lens to see the process of raw material inspection and shipment inspection to let customers understand us in an all-round way.”

There are more than 10 days before the 127th Canton Fair will be opened online. The overall move to the “cloud” end of the Canton Fair brought an online trading platform that broke the time and space restrictions, and also put forward higher requirements for the 25,000 exhibitors including our company: how to do a good job for our Velcro(hook and loop) buyers Live marketing? How to create an immersive “cloud exhibition hall” online? How to achieve online “zero distance” service and so on. But at the same time, “Cloud” Duan Canton Fair also gave global buyers the opportunity to participate in the docking, and also gave us exhibitors new opportunities and more new business opportunities.

In order to give buyers a more immersive experience, Eyabao plans to open the live broadcast room to our production line in Wenzhou Production Base-Zhejiang Hongming Ribbon Co., Ltd. We will let the anchor take the camera to the workshop to broadcast live, comprehensively show our Velcro production line and product manufacturing process, so we hope to give buyers a more dynamic and intuitive experience. In addition, considering the time difference around the world, we will try our best to flexibly adjust the number of live broadcasts and plan key live broadcasts according to the time difference of customers in different regions of the world. In addition to live broadcasting to the production line, our company also uses VR, AR and other technical means to shoot and prepare panoramic videos of various factories, various production lines, and various fist products in advance, from taking customers to the physical exhibition hall to see various series of Velcro products , Becomes an immersive experience product for customers in the virtual exhibition hall.

Canton Fair has always been the largest customer acquisition platform for our company’s foreign trade. Now it is transferred to the Internet, which can really reduce the cost of operation, logistics and display. It also facilitates customers to concentrate on the Internet and quickly get the relevant information of our company. At the same time, it also forced us to update our traditional traditional offline mode, achieve a breakthrough in online and offline channels, and effectively inject new impetus into the development and innovation of our enterprises.

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