Helmets spread all over China in an instant

Helmets spread all over China in an instant

Recently, the hottest thing is the helmet! Weibo, circle of friends and other social platforms have a hot topic about helmets, and helmets are hard to find online and offline during the night! Let’s talk it!

The cause of the incident was that the Ministry of Public Security issued a notice to further improve the safety protection of motorcycle and electric bicycle riders and effectively reduce traffic accident deaths. Since June 1, 2020, the “One Helmet and One Belt” safety guard operation has been carried out nationwide . It is intended to enhance people’s awareness of wearing safety helmets and using safety, and to promote the development of safety habits. According to the author’s knowledge, the short-term gap in helmet demand may exceed 200 million. Almost overnight, the hard-to-be-satisfied safety helmets became “sweet and soothing”-regardless of offline stores or online shopping platforms, helmet prices generally rose. The helmet price increased from 27.9 yuan to 109 yuan in 3 days. The helmet is hard to find.

Drivers wear seat belts and drivers will do the same! Many people don’t understand how to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle. But in fact, as you riding a bicycle, the mission of the helmet at a critical moment is to “break the bones” for you. In order to solve the problem of inconvenient carrying of the helmet, a Spanish company Closca has designed a small, portable, beautiful and safe Velcro(hook and loop) helmet. When not in use, it can be folded into a flat surface and placed on a backpack. Material skin requirements.
The products of the company that won the Red Dot Design Award show the outstanding life of the helmet. The helmet is designed to be compressible and foldable. When unfolded, it fits the head completely. After the helmet is unfolded, the hollow structure can meet the head ventilation requirements. The helmet should be divided into two parts: helmet and hat. Bonding the Velcro on the hat and the Velcro on the helmet together is a beautiful knight hat with a gentleman appearance. Of course, wearing a hat is also a fashionable riding helmet. The helmet is also equipped with a Velcro(hook & loop) pad. The role of the pad is to cushion the head when bumping and to improve the comfort of the head. The most important thing is that it can be folded for easy portability. This is a very user-friendly design.
Other helmets will be provided with two inner linings, one for summer and hot weather, and the other for cold weather in winter. Simply attach the winter lining used to replace the summer lining to the helmet directly with a velcro, and then pass the helmet strap into the coil stitched on the winter lining. From now on, you can get rid of the helmet which becomes wet and slippery in hot weather, and your ears suffer from the cold wind in cold weather! The two liners are suitable for different weather conditions, allowing you to travel easily all year round. Let’s talk about helmets that military or military enthusiasts like. These helmets are called tactical camouflage helmet covers. They also use Velcro materials, so they are also called Velcro helmets.

Helmets are necessary for us to ride safely, and now that helmets are becoming more stylish and lighter, the author also calls on everyone to travel to “one helmet and one belt”.

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