How to Use Velcro

How to Use Velcro

Velcro, or “hook and loop” fasteners, has been a useful method of connecting objects since its development in the 1940s. By connecting one strip of plastic hooks to another one of fuzz-like loops, Velcro proves to be an effective, temporary yet durable, fastener. There are a number of ways one can use Velcro(hook and loop) in day-to-day operations.



1.Attach one Velcro strip to one object’s surface. One strip has the hard plastic hooks on it. Most store-bought Velcro strips have adhesive on the other side; otherwise, use glue.

2.Attach the other Velcro strip to another object. This strip has the hairy-style “loop” material.

3.Press the Velcro strips together to connect the two objects. The hooks stick to the loops and the objects are stuck together.

4.Pull the strips apart to separate the two objects. They should separate easily, especially if the objects are flexible. A ripping sound is heard during separation.

Uses for Velcro

  1. Use Velcro (hook and loop)strips to fasten shoes, one of the most popular uses. You must connect the strips side by side to work. Slide one strip through the tongue hole, then fold the other strip over to connect them.

  2. Hang pictures, photos or posters on the wall with Velcro. Place one strip on the wall and the other on the back of the artwork. Make sure the artwork is light enough that gravity won’t pull it down.

  3. Keep objects you often lose in place such as pens or remotes. Place a strip on the object you don’t want to lose and the other on a surface close to where you will use it most.

  4. Use Velcro (hook&loop)strips to fasten shirts or jackets. Place one set of strips on one end’s front side and the other strips on the underside of the other end.

  5. Keep loose cords in place with Velcro strips. Prevent them from getting tangled or tripped on.

  6. Keep seat cushions fastened to chairs, or rugs in place on the floor. This helps your house look neat.

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